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Suara Website: Basic Information and Statistics

Introduction is the website where one can search to find any information needed. Suara is an Indonesian online website for news portal and also contains columns and articles for music and links for other features such as news (both national and international news), games, horoscopes, lifestyle, entertainment, gossip, law, business, science and technology, political events, and much more.

The was first launched in March 2014. The website focuses on producing balanced and honest news which is independent of biases and has gained importance in Indonesia.


Statistics of

The global rank of is 1312 and has about 37000 daily visitors on the website. However, on the social media such as twitter, google plus, and Facebook, there are very few visitors who have liked the page of Suara. None of the visitors have liked the link of Suara on Pinterest. Due to a high number of people visiting the website daily, the revenue earned by the website is quite high which is about 450$ per day. The website also has links for online shopping and thus one can do online transactions using this website, as the payment gateway of the website is secured.

The search engine link of this website is good and reliable and thus has a good reputation. The website displays all the information which is reliable and unique content which is safe to visit. The website is trusted by many people in Indonesia and other countries too. However, the team of is still working on improving the social media image as there are no likes on the Facebook page and twitter page of the website.

The total worth of the website is about $861479. The ad income earned by the website is $4258 per day. The website is listed in the DMOZ directory, but not listed in the Yahoo directory.

A great power bank can save your day

Anybody traveling frequently must have noticed the dependence that is experienced on gadgets. The last thing that one would hope for being on the go is a flat battery. While you think you might face such a situation, a power bank comes to rescue. Power banks are referred to the external chargers that are portable. These devices have emerged as extremely useful when one does not have a place for charging mobile devices. One of the foremost qualities that a power bank should possess is a great battery life. This is what defines Juniper power bank. It is featured with a power source of whooping 10000 mAh.


Not a luxury but a necessity

The more the capacity, the better the charging power. Hence with a capacity of 10000 mAh, the charging power can be well determined. Smart phones are something that is greatly required in present times. Hardly there is anybody who can do without their own smart phones. Hence, a power bank is no more a luxury but is essentially a necessity of recent times. It comprises of two USB ports which makes it easy to charge two distinct devices at the same time. This adds up to the convenience that the users can enjoy.

Ideal pick for power bank

It is extremely important to pick the ideal power bank. Juniper power bank is filled with all essentials required to provide long time battery support to a smart phone. Check it out at and get one for yourself. Its easy availability online increases the convenience to avail it without taking much hassles. Thus, this gadget is powered to deliver great backup of battery. Its design is extremely impressive so much so that it can entice buyers on the first go. It is extremely durable while making sure that the power lasts long enough once charged.


Bomber jackets breaking the same old denim trend

Jackets are essential to one’s wardrobe, as a proper concealer to one’s make up kit. However, with the limitation of styles and weather conditions, they always remain somewhat an optional garment to choose from. Apart from the fashion industry, not many people are much of a jacket fan. From a layman’s point of view, a jacket is a denim jacket, leather, or a simple woollen over-coat. But fret not, there’s an ultimate solution to this problem. Designers always say ‘less is more’ and Bomber Jackets are all about that. The once-forgotten, pilot jackets are back with a zing. The pilot jackets were once adored as an enviable piece of clothing constrained only to aviators. However, luckily, somewhere some fashionistas/designers thought ‘what if’ they are parading the Runways throughout the world and this made all the difference.

bomber jacket women

Why the bomber jacket is ruling the fashion industry in 2016

Bomber jacket women, for whatever reasons will instantly make you look chic. Maybe it’s the masculine military vibes, or the baggy, puffed up sleeves, that gives an edgy look to whoever slips into it, with whatever worn underneath. A Bomber jacket can be teamed up with almost anything, 24X7, around the year. This cool/ classic garment comes in a protean range, beating the hackneyed range of denim/leather jackets. The stereotypical thought that jackets can only be worn during winters, is defined by the commencement of Bomber Jackets. It is a piece of clothing for every occasion. Be it cool, elegant, funk, Bomber jackets always have something to offer.

 Style yourself well

 Not only was Bomber jackets, the biggest trend of the fashion months, but celebrities can’t get enough of the effortless outwearing style either.  No not to confuse with the varsity style jackets, or military jackets, the Bomber comes with its own range of collection, for every season and mood. Colour-splattered, graffiti-printed, embroidered, silk, versatile army green, are amongst the few mentionable. It’s the perfect transitional piece for the awkward winter-to-spring time that we are in right now, so no time, like the present to pick one up for your-self. Check out the latest trends at

Simple ways to get loans – Learn about Micro-lending

Do you desperately need a loan but the bank will not provide it to you? Are you wondering how you can get some money quickly? Tired of facing rejections from all banks? The simplest and easiest way in which you can your hands on hard cash is with the assistance of micro-lending. To know more on the issue and to enlighten yourself you can check out Some may also refer to these phenomena as payday loans; it is one and the same.

About payday loans

These are the most convenient and user-friendly loans on the market. The things which make it unique and a perfect fit to your requirements are stated below:

  • These are not long drawn loans but will be for a short period
  • You need not fill in heavy paper work for it
  • The list of requirements which must be met to qualify for such opportunities is quite short.
  • They provide you opportunities to get these loans in a simple method which is online.
  • The time period which is taken for you to get the cash is very less. If the information you provide is not scrupulous then it is only a matter of seconds before you get the loan.




Even though it is a great window of opportunity one must not forget that the money does need to be paid back. There are interest rates to be paid and it can be availed through the internet only. The other facilities like text message and obtaining cash without bank account have been removed.

Where to get it?

If you are looking for such great opportunities after careful analysis then places like acta can be perfect for you. If you need money immediately and need someone who will not question your income and means of livelihood then this is the best option.

How and where to find coupon codes

Coupon codes are an excellent way to save your hard earned money while you shop online. However, it does become time taking and irritating, if you have to search for a coupon after you have found your product, added it to your cart and are on the verge of purchasing it. So we suggest that you prepare yourself, hunt for the coupon codes that you are interested in before you even start your shopping process. This way you are literally powered up for your purchases.


Where to find Coupon Codes –

Frankly, coupon codes can be found all over the internet. There are certain sites like which are totally dedicated to coupon codes. Sites are mostly categorized according to brands or retailers and would also tell you the success rating of these promotional codes. This way you can decide whether you want to give it a try or not. Some of these sites would also have links which would point you towards retailer’s promotions. Some retailers also promote coupon codes on their sites. However, those are rarely beneficial.

Tips on how to find these Promo codes –

These many coupons can be found in three different ways. You could simply use a search engine and go through the list thrown out. You could depend on the automated tools for shopping. These days you have tools which help you with a price comparison. A much simpler way would also be to just go to a coupon code site like we suggested above.

You might want to keep certain brands that you are interested in mind or any particular retailers that you like. There is a large assortment of sites which are dedicated to coupon codes. We suggest you have a look at a couple of them before you decide on any one. As otherwise, you would limit yourself to a certain variety of codes if you stick with just the first choice.

The advantages of looking for electronic appliances online at appliance-authority

With the marketing strategies elevating to the internet, most companies have gone online in order to sell the appliances of their brand. It’s not just the companies, even individuals today prefer to go online and they find these online platforms a lot more reliable than the offline platforms. In the event that you don’t know which product to go for, you might as well take a look at the various product reviews and products that are available at They ought to provide actual details of the current launches in the market. These details ought to give you all the information you need regarding the various products that you are looking for.

Advantages of looking for appliances online

The entire marketing industry has shifted to the internet in the last couple of years. Individuals no longer have the time to go to a show room in order to purchase a certain electronic appliance. Instead, they prefer getting the product delivered at their doorstep. Listed below are some of the major advantages that one can expect:


  • One of the major advantages is that the online platforms offer a wide range of options. Individuals can have access to a varied range of appliances at a single location (website) sitting comfortably at their home itself.
  • Another major advantage is that the online platforms have a lot more offers in comparison to the offline platforms. This is where the online industry gets an edge over the offline sectors.
  • In addition to this, individuals no longer need to step out of their home in order to get a certain product. They can get the product delivered at their doorstep. This is another advantage of the online platforms that gives it an edge over the offline ones.

For further details, visit the official website of appliance-authority.

Get to know what coupon code is

An online coupon code contain a few numbers or letters that user can type into a given promotional box on a website’s cart page for getting some rupees off on their shopping, like percentage off shopping, free delivery, or other sort of discount. Online retailing stores provide coupons as a spur to buyers to buy from their site. There are number of online sellers who don’t give coupon code straight on their own site, rather they use famous affiliate programs sites for example, or give discounts through their e-mail newsletter. Online coupons are also known as digital coupon.


How to Read coupon Codes

Typically, a coupon code is a group of some numbers or letters, generally around 5 to 8 or 10 characters long, that will occasionally emerge random (for example, FT596RFT) and sometimes spell out definite words or parts of words (for example, FREESHIP50). Sometimes, the code itself provides hints as to what sort of discounts it offers. For instance, FREESHIP50 would expected be free shipping or free delivery of product if you make purchase of minimum $50.

How you can use a Coupon Code

After finding a coupon code from manycoupons, you can just use it in your shopping by entering it into the coupon code textbox and then click on the apply button. You can locate this box at different levels of checkout, according to the website you are purchasing from. Some websites will allow you to enter the code in the shopping cart page before going to the checkout page, whereas some other may not allow you to place the code until you have arrived a particular position in the process of checkout. This place might be when you type your billing and shipping address, or even when you enter your card details. Remember not to inadvertently place your order before applying the coupon code.


Make sure that your business directory beats all others

When you have a shiny new startup, you need to ensure that you connect with all the required contacts and get in contact with them. They can without much of a stretch help you increase present expectations of execution for your startup. In general, you need to recall the particular truth that most organizations blossom with individuals, not cash. A fruitful brand and business is based on the requirements and desires of all your customer base, and you can just do that once you really have the majority of your business contacts sorted. Consider it, there are such a variety of routes in which you can really simply ahead and begin with your startup, yet none of it will truly take off unless you have the right sort of contacts. Keeping up a database of the considerable number of individuals that for the most part contract amid a task is of key, and notwithstanding that you likewise need to ensure that you reach the general population that you contact when your essential contacts are occupied.


This optional deduction and reinforcement arranging is the thing that puts most great organizations ahead. All it truly takes from your point of view is a lot of meticulousness. Before you know it, you will have the capacity to get your item off the ground and into showcasing.

Getting hold of a annuaire pages blanches is not too troublesome. On account of the web, you can undoubtedly mastermind some excellent databases at the snap of a catch. The best part is that you don’t need to take a break from your calendar or go anyplace to mastermind these. When you go to destinations like you will effortlessly be placed in contact with them.

Once that happens you don’t need to stress and can simply ahead and win huge.


Buy a property in the best real estate hotspots today

Purchasing your fantasy home has dependably been a piece of your fantastic arrangement. There are a wide range of choices out there when you choose to really simply ahead and purchase some property to settle yourself and your family in, that you may end up in a sort of a difficulty before you could even consider it twice. Real estate agents that are not from dependable sources like real evate will more often than not put you through a rabbit opening and give you such a large number of various alternatives paying little respect to what you need and what your requirements are.

They must really take a gander at alternatives nobody need to purchase and attempt to offer those choices to the most guileless clients. All things considered, in that lies a fat commission for them and on the off chance that they don’t go for it, they don’t generally consider their business to be a major win.

real evate specialists

What you need are truly reliable real estate brokers like what will direct you through the diverse properties figuring in your necessities and prerequisites. This can be one of the foundations of your life, and you would prefer not to discard an arrangement like this since you’re not certain if your real estate agent is sufficiently straightforward or not.

The best thing to do here is go online and check for sites that are quite and give all of you the data you require on their page and guide you in a totally fair manner, so you can then simply move into your new home. The best thing of all is the way that you can inquire about on real estate sitting in the solace of your home without going out and meeting anybody. You can take a gander at all the photos of the properties online and get the citation through email without meeting real estate brokers.


Make sure you have what it takes to cure yourself

Misery is the sort of state where a man’s psyche gets to be as dull as it can get. What you need to think about it is that it can be extremely risky if not treated early. The one thing you must make sure of is the way that the individual who is discouraged won’t generally make a special effort to damage themselves, since suicide and wretchedness go as an inseparable unit. The one thing you need to make do is treat the individual either yourself or taking them to a specialist that will help them get over their dejection.

When you know such a man who is discouraged you need to realize that it is your hands to simply ahead and get the right measure of drug to this individual. You need to bolster them and be as upbeat as would be prudent so they don’t feel any of the obscurity around them.

all weed news

Despondency is the sort of thing that you don’t generally need staying nearby on the off chance that you have somebody that you cherish a great deal. What you need to acknowledge is that you can without much of a stretch advance beyond the diversion and treat sadness by perusing the web and treating.

There are such a large number of various alternatives on the net today with regards to treating dejection that you need to comprehend you can without much of a stretch get what you need as far as the best arrangements out there. You can without much of a stretch get your hands on allweednews which is a key medicine for dejection. It has successfully appeared in examination to cure despondency for the last time and you can now have it recently by the snap of a catch. The main errand you have to do is go online and have the right measure of sources like available to you hand.